Shop Fabrication



 MD Exteriors has a fabrication shop located in Everett, just minutes off the Boeing Freeway.   Feel free to contact us by phone or in person to get a free estimate.  No project is too big or too small. 

Skilled Fabricators

Our fabricators are also skilled in:

  • Scuppers, diverters, crickets, conductor boxes and saddles for roofers
  • Soldered pans, break shapes and mullion caps for glaziers
  • Through wall flashing for masons
  • Watertight boxes and miscellaneous flashings for siders and carpenters



Using a state of the art 10' Autobrake, we can fabricate just about any piece of flashing needed for your building.  We just enter the profile into the built in CAD program and it bends to precise angles and dimensions.


Gutter Machine

 Larger roofs call for larger capacity gutters and this New Tech Machine can create a 7" gutter with a 20" girth.  This stylish profile has more character than a standard box gutter and it's sloped bottom edge gives the gutter increased strength.  

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This machine allows us to fasten two pieces of metal together with a button punch. When joining pieces of painted material,  soldering and welding isn't an option.  Rivets require drilling holes which leads to possible leaks so we frequently use this machine to build our conductor boxes.