Projects Under Construction

Zenith Elementary School

Zenith is made up of several different AEP Span panels used in various applications as well as Trespa lap panels used at the main entry.  We will be installing 644 squares of AEP Span's 2" Span Lok roof panel over a sub roof system made up of a vapor barrier, insulation, roof board and underlayment.  We will also be installing 253 squares of AEP's Design Span roof panel applied to the walls, 9 squares of AEP's NuWave panel and 66 squares of AEP's Box Rib in 3 different colors.  In addition, we will be installing 40 squares of Trespa Lap panel at the exterior wall, interior wall and soffit at the main entry.  The drainage for the roof will be through welded steel downspouts fabricated in our shop.

Mount Si High School

This is easily the largest project we have secured. It is twice as large as any other project to date and has enough cladding to cover more than 3 football fields. We are installing 762 squares of Pure + Freeform’s rigid metal wall panels, 49 squares of their aluminum panels on the exteriors wall, 69 squares on the soffit and another 6 squares on the interior walls. We will also be installing 478 squares of AEP Span’s PS12 panels in several different colors and 474 squares of Equitone composite panels on both the exterior and interior. All of these will be attached to our metal furring supported by Cascadia Clips.

Juanita High School

On this bid package project, we are installing everything from the sheet rock out to our wall panels.  We will be applying Vaproshield to the Dens Gold, the z-furring for panel attachment and Dow blue board insulation.  On this assembly we will be installing 398 squares of Morin concealed-fastener panels, 64 square of Northclad ACM panels, 3 squares of Citadel ACM panels, 3 squares of Trespa, 22 squares of Nichiha panels, and installing 64 squares of Northclad panels on the soffit.  In addition, we will be installiong 1000' of expansion joints and welded steel downspouts fabricated by our shop.

Clyde Hill Elementary

We are installing several different panels from Metal Sales on this school.  There are 49 squares of T10-C, 36 squares of T10-E and 4 squares of TLC-1.  We are also installing 3 squares of Trespa and 35 squares of Trespa lap on the walls along with 55 squares of Trespa on the soffits.