Projects - 2018

Rainier Valley Leadership Academy


We installed 2 different types of Metal Wall Panels by Metal Sales. There are 120 squares of T-10 D panels and 10 squares of 7/8 corrugated. We also installed 15 squares of multi-colored Trespa panels from KPS and 3 squares of custom flat lock panels made by our shop. Underneath the cladding systems, we installed the Wrapshield vapor barrier, panel furring supports and Dow insulation

Stevenson Elementary School


Our carpenters are installing the furring and insulation behind the metal cladding systems on this school. Our sheet metal installers are putting on 62 squares of AEP Span’s PS 12 panels on the wall and 35 squares on the soffits. They are also installing 224 squares of AEP Span’s Perception Series rigid wall panels in a variety of profiles and 120 squares of AEP Span’s Mini-V Beam panel.

Wilburton Elementary School


We installed several different types of panels over our furring system and Dow insulation. There are two different colors of AEP Span’s Perception Series rigid wall panels for a total of 198 squares and 19 squares of their PS-12 soffit panels. We also installed 58 squares of stainless steel tile panels from Millennium Forms on the wall and 3 squares on the soffit. KPS provided us with 30 squares of composite panels for exterior wall cladding.