Projects - 2017

Bennett Elementary School


Our sheet metal installers installed 295 squares of AEP PS-12 panels and 10 squares of aluminum composite panels from Citadel. In addition to our z-furring, our carpenters installed 162 squares of fiber composite panels from Stonewood. The Stonewood panel colors were Grey Mesh and Maple.

Clark Elementary School


On this project, our roofers installed the weather barrier and insulation. Our carpenters installed the furring system, 170 squares of Hardie Reveal wall panels and 40 squares of Hardie soffit. Our sheet metal installers put on 74 squares of AEP Span’s Nu Wave panel and 107 squares of Reverse Box Rib wall panels. They also installed 207 squares of AEP Span’s Span Seam roof panel and 53 squares of their Reverse Box Rib roof panel.  

Islander Middle School

On Islander we installed both roof and wall panels by AEP Span.  The roof was made up of 295 squares of Span Lok mechanically-seamed panels over the top of an underlayment, insulation, dens deck, and ice & water shield vapor barrier.  The wall and soffit panels were made up of 225 square of Prestige series PS12 panels.  We also installed an additional 295 squares of aluminum panels from Northclad and 8 squares of Trespa.  In addition, our carpenters installed all of the furring supports behind our wall panel systems.

Meany Middle School


This was one of our smaller projects this year. Our carpenters installed the furring and insulation while our sheet metal installers put on 171 squares of AEP Span’s PS 12 wall panels and 12 squares of PS 12 soffit panels.

Sammamish High School


We started the first phase of this project in 2004. We took this over from another contractor that was unable to complete the work. We installed Morin X-12 concealed-fastener horizontal wall panels and Morin BR7-35 vertical panels. We also installed Metecno’s composite panels at the front entry and the interior walls around the PAC. Ten years later, the school district decided to take down the remainder of the school and we were also awarded this portion of the school. We installed 214 squares of Centria’s CS260 concealed-fastener horizontal wall panels, 107 squares of Centria’s MR-36 vertical panels, 47 squares of Centria’s IW10-A wall panel and 76 squares on the soffit.