Projects - 2016

Auburn High School

 Auburn High School is the largest metal roofing project we have done to date.  Our installers put together the roof sub assembly as well as 1400 squares of a mechanically seamed metal roof panel from Taylor Metals.  In addition, we installed 210 squares of AEP Span PS12 wall panels and 15 squares of soffit panels. 

Enatai Elementary School

 This was a unique project because other subcontractors installed the WRB and Insulation system. The cladding we installed consists of 3 different Imetco metal wall panels.  There are 212 squares of Legacy panels, 50 squares of Latitude panels and 1.5 squares of FW panels. Our sheet metal installers also put up stainless steel downspouts that were welded by our fabrication shop.

Issaquah Middle School

 Issaquah has an air barrier system with Vaproshield.  The wall sub-assembly combines Roxul insulation with a Cascadia Clip furring system.  For cladding, we installed 34 squares of Hardie Panel, 230 squares of Hardie 2.0 system, 108 squares of AEP Span's PS12 panels and 140 squares of AEP Span's Nu Wave panels. 

North Creek High School

 Our installers put on 370 squares of Imetco Latitude wall panels, 370 squares of Imetco Permawall 1.0 wall panels and 170 squares of Imetco Flatlock panels on the exteriors walls, interior wall and soffit.  We also installed the exterior louvers and almost all miscellaneous flashings throughout the project. 

Olympic Hills Elementary School

 Our roofers/waterproofers installed the air barrier system on this project which consists of 600 squares of VaproShield, target flashings at all penetrations and Liquiflash at all openings.  Our carpenters installed 160 squares of Hardie Reveal 2.0 and the furring grid system.  Our sheet metal installers installed shop fabricated metal flashings, scuppers and downspouts.   

Woodinville High School

 This was a two phase project.  We installed 55 squares of Hardie Panel, 8 squares of NuWave panels and our gutter system on a small existing building.  We then installed another 80 squares of Nu Wave panels on the side of another existing buildin