Projects - 2013

Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School

 This school was originally bid as a cement fiber board project but it was less expensive to install this with metal siding. We installed all the peel and stick at the openings and overlaps of the sheet metal legs. There is a two-layer furring system that we also installed for 300 squares of AEP Span's Design Span panel. This is commonly used for roofing but will be used as wall panels. We also installed 85 squares of AEP Span's PS12, 7 squares of plywood soffits, 10 squares of Trespa and all of the sheet metal flashing and trim including the clad metal for the roofing contractor 

Bellevue High School

 Majority of this project was installation of James Hardie CFB panels. There are 760 squares of 3 different exterior systems made up of Green Guard weather barrier, Blueskin peel and stick, Roxul exterior insulation, perforated z-furring, ColorPlus Hardie panels with an aluminum batt system or standard Hardie with AMS extruded moldings. There was also 350 squares of interior CFB panels and 85 squares of CFB soffit. We installed 300 squares of AMS metal roof panels over an insulated sub-system, installed all the flashing for the roofers as well as made some small parts for other trades. 

Benjamin Rush Elementary School

 This project is quite a bit different from others we have done.  Because this was a bid package project, we did not install any weather barrier, insulation, furring or sheet metal.  The only thing we installed was cement fiber board.  Our carpenters put on 135 squares of Artisan Lap Siding, 150 squares of James Hardie panel and 30 squares of James Hardie soffit. 

Community Resource Center

 On this project for the Everett School district, we installed a variety of different panels. Majority of the panels are 100 squares of insulated panels from Metal Span. We also installed 65 squares of AEP Span's PS12 panel, 4 squares of composite panels from Bestworth Rommel and 3 squares of AEP Span's Span Lock panel. 

Everett CC Student and Health Fitness

 On this school, we installed 120 squares of Kingspan's 4" vertical insulated foam panel, 14 squares of Kingspan's 2" horizontal insulated foam panel and 30 squares of Kingspan's Y-36 corrugated equipment screen panels. 

Everett Municipal Court

 This is a smaller project that is close to home. In addition to some large, stainless, inset gutters and unique coping profiles, we installed 35 squares of AEP Span's PS12 panel and 6 squares of their Nu-Wave panel on the roof. 

St Joseph Medical Center

 This installation is not only new for us but it is also new for the supplier.  To provide a complete exterior system, Kingspan has included both window frames and louver frames to integrate in to their insulated panel system.  We installed 45 squares of insulated panels, 3 banks of louvers, 1 bank of windows and 3 squares of perforated soffit panels. 

View Ridge Elementary School

 View Ridge Elementary was primarily a flashing project for us. We installed the material that is integrated in to the single ply system, the cement fiber board cladding, windows and gutters. We also installed 3 squares of composite panels along with 40 squares of canopy panels.