Projects 2012

Hamilton Middle School


On this project, we installed flashing and trim on the existing school to match that of the original design of the early 1900's.  On the new portion of the building we installed 25 squares of AEP Span's PS12 wall and soffit panels as well as 145 squares of AEP Span Span Seam roof panels.  This has a mechanically seamed panel that is installed over the main gym's barrel roof.

Hudtloff Middle School

 Hudtloff is made up mostly of Knight Wall's furring system. The majority is behind acrylic plaster panels applied by others but we also installed it behind our cladding. In addition to installing Green Guard weather barrier, we also installed Swiss Pearl composite panels, Northclad aluminum plate, Trespa panels and AEP Span Multi-Lok roof panels. 

John Muir Elementary School

 John Muir was mainly a flashing project. We provided flashing for the roofers and masons as well as flashing integrated with the window systems. We also had approximately 50 squares of AEP Span SpanLock on some small canopies. 

Northshore Fire Headquarters

This is a smaller building that has a large variety of cladding types.  We installed about 25 squares of insulated foam panels from Metal Span, 10 squares of AEP Span HR-36 on a canopy, 25 squares of AEP Span Klip Rib roof panels, 40 squares of Hardie Panel, 20 squares of Hardie Soffit, 15 squares of cedar lap siding and 15 squares of tongue and groove soffit.  In addition, we installed 7" custom gutters that were site-rolled from MD Sheet Metal.   

Redmond Fire Station #17

Majority of this project was metal roof panels. We installed 155 squares of Bryer Company mechanical seam panels, a few squares of some mechanical wall panels and our MD Exteriors continuous gutter.

Redmond High School Renovation

 At Redmond High School, we installed 175' long AEP Span's Span Lock mechanically seamed panels. Due to expansion and contraction, we installed them in 3 sections that are linked together with an engineered swage plate system. We also installed the metal roof sub system, AEP Span's Nu Wave siding panel and other miscellaneous flashings. 

West Point Treatment Facility

 This was the first time we installed Northclad's panel system. It was comprised of approximately 200 custom panels to make up 30 squares of cladding. We also installed 45 squares of AEP Span's Span Lock roof panel, 7 squares of Northclad's standing seam wall panel, 6 squares of AEP Span's PS12 panel and 20 custom interior panels from Forms and Surfaces.