Projects - 2012

412 Broadway

This was a small apartment project that is funded by the Carpenters Union. We installed a Tyvek air barrier system along with Blueskin SAF. Our carpenters installed CFB lap siding and our sheet metal craftsman installed the associated flashing and trim. 

Auxiliary Services Building

This building is at the outer limits of our typical work area, located at Western Washington University. We installed 165 squares of AMS' Armor Lock roof panel and 65 squares of AEP Span's PS12 flush panel. We also installed some miscellaneous flashings, gutters and downspouts. 

Carl Sandburg Elementary School

 This project consists of 200 squares of 3 different colors of AEP Span PS12 panels and a fourth color PS12 soffit panel. We also installed miscellaneous flashings integrated with the window systems and single ply roof system. 

Cherry Crest Elementary

 Cherry Crest is made up of a lot of small parts. We installed 8 squares of Trespa, 15 squares of AEP Span PS12 soffit panels, 120 squares of AEP Span PS12 wall panels and 30 squares of AEP Span's Span Lock roof panels. We also fabricated all of the sequenced CFB flashings for another subcontractor and installing window flashings for the glazier. 

Echo Glen Children's Center

This was our first single ply project. We installed 95 squares of Versico PVC membrane and it was a great success.  We received a 10 out of 10 rating!  We also installed 155 squares of AEP Span's Span Lock metal roofing and 75 squares of Hardie lap siding. 

Federal Way Kitchen

 Federal Way Kitchen was phase 2 of the Federal Way Public Schools Project. We installed 300 squares of Kingspan Insulated Wall Panels along with a custom half round gutter and miscellaneous flashings. 

Federal Way Public Schools

 Federal Way Public Schools is made up of several different buildings. We installed 300 squares of Kingspan Insulated Panels, 30 squares of corrugated metal roofing and 75 squares of metal soffit panels.