Projects - 2011

Ardmore Elementary School

 Installing Hardie cladding has become a trend for the Bellevue School District.  On Ardmore, we installed 4 types of Hardie on 9 different substrate assemblies.  We have 90 squares of Artisan lap siding, 100 squares of 4" exposure plank siding, 60 squares of 6" exposure plank siding and 35 squares of Hardie panel.  In addition to the cement fiber board, we installed 18ga canopy panels and interior acoustical wall and ceiling panels. 

Kamiak High School

 At Kamiak High School, we installed approximately 5000 lineal feet of 48" stretch out coping to cover over the existing stone caps that are leaking.  We also installed several hundred feet of counterflashing at some leaking masonry and repaired several locations where the gutters abutting the walls are leaking in to the building. 

Lakota Middle School

 On Lakota Middle School, we installed 90 squares of Kinspan/API insulated foam wall panels.  We also installed 50 squares of concealed-fastener, ribbed panels from ATAS.   Although another subcontrator installed the metal roof panels, MD Sheet Metal fabricated 1500 lineal feet of our custom gutter for our MD Exterior employees to install. 

McMicken Elementary School

 This school is very similar in design to Marvista Elementary school that is also in SeaTac. We installed 675 squares of a full metal roof system using AEP Span's Span Lock panel, 100 squares of AEP Span's Design Span panel on the wall system and 130 squares of AEP Span's flush panels on the wall and soffit. 

Space Needle

 We have done several small projects  with the Space Needle.  We installed fiberglass panels with bonded aluminum around the interior wall of the interior observation deck.  These panels were provided by Forms and Surfaces.  We installed stainless steel panels, also provided by Forms and Surfaces, around the interior wall of the exterior observation deck.  We have also done other miscellaneous projects like installing stainless steel corner guards in their kitchen.