Projects - 2010

Cathcart Maintenance Facility

 This facility consists of eight different buildings.  On five of the buildings, there is a total of 135,000 sq ft of Architectural Metal Solution's Armor-Lock roof panel.  This is a mechanically seamed panel used primarily for low-sloped roofs.  Three of the buildings will have 25,000 sq ft of McElroy's Mega Rib panel also supplied by Architectural Metal Solutions.  On five of the buildings we welded on structural clips, fastening light gauge zee girt, and installing close to 100,000 sq ft of Metecno-API AP230 insulated wall panels.  We also be installed seismic joints and louvers that are integrated in the system. 

One Main Street Condos

 This is an 11 story condominium in Bellevue where we installed several different types of panel depending on their visibility.  On the roof, we installed an AEP Span flush panel that could be painted to match the concrete.  On the back side of the screen wall we installed an exposed fastener panel produced by Champion Metals.  On the front side of the screen wall and the cornice, MD Sheet Metal produced an insulated aluminum clad panel.  The decks on the back side of the building have Centria CS620 panels and Centria CS660 concealed-fastener panels.  On the three elevations visible from Main Street, we installed Pro Clad's aluminum panel system. 

Poulsbo City Hall

 This is mainly a roof panel project.  We installed 105 squares of roof assembly substrate and AEP Span's Klip Rib panel system.  We also installed 35 squares of Hardie Panel as well as WRB and peel and stick around most of the project. 

Ringdall Middle School

 This is a renovation project where we installed approximately 3500 lineal feet of of AEP Span PS12 flush panels around all of the walkway canopies and above storefront and HM frame doors.  We also installed 60 squares of Metal Sales T-13 panels at the equipment screen walls, 15 squares of PS12 soffit panels, a few small Hardie panel walls and miscellaneous wood and metal trim. 

Snohomish High School

 This is a very small project but we were excited about renovating an historic school in our own backyard.  We installed some fascia/coping on the existing brick building as well as some interior light shelves.  We also installed downspouts and sheet metal flashing and trim on the new and existing gymnasiums.