Projects - 2006

Inglewood Jr High

On this school, the roof panels installed are AEP Span's Span Lok.  Span Lok is a mechanically seamed panel that is used primarily in low-slope applications.  The wall panels are Centria's IW-40A.  They are a concealed fastener panel with a 1" reveal.  This project was the second time that we had been asked to install CFB panels.

Residence at Evergreen

On these condominiums, we installed all the building wrap, penetration peel and stick, windows, doors, sliders and metal flashings.  We also installed the clear, cedar soffits.

Sammamish Commons

This is a LEED, Energy Star project.  The roof panels are Regal White and were manufactured on site by Morin.  It is their SLR-18, mechanically seamed roof panel.  The panel machine was hoisted to the edge of the roof and the 150' long panels were handled by 8 men.  The siding panel is Morin's 18ga, F-12 Flush Panel.  As an extra, we installed all of the louvers on this project.  MD Sheet Metal fabricated the custom flat panels at the top of the masonry walls.

Silver Lake Water District

On this building, we used AEP Span's 16" wide, Span Lock panel.  This is a mechanically-seamed panel that is typically used on low-slope roof applications.  On the mechanical mezzanine soffit, we used a 12" wide, perforated, soffit panel that was field-run by Architectural Metal Solutions.