Projects - 2005

Eastside Baha'i Church

This was a very unique project that had very restricted access.  We persuaded the neighboring building to allow us to put a crane in their parking lot after hours in exchange for a gift basket.  The roof panels are Fabral's Stand and Seam.  This is a mechanically seamed panel designed for low-slope and radius roofs. 

Mount View Elementary School

This was our first $1,000,000 project.  The roof panels are AEP Span's Klip Rib.  Some of the roofs have a staggered, transverse seam to accommodate the long lengths.  The exposed fastener wall panels are AEP Span's Box Rib.  Some of the downspouts are 6" round by 3/16" thick steel.  The tallest weighs 825 lbs.  We also made custom, soldered, stainless steel crickets behind the clerestories that are over 30' wide.

The Matai

This is a very high-end mixed use building in Downtown Seattle.  The First Floor is retail and Floors 2-6 are condominiums.  We used Centria's CS620 for the body of the building and CS660 for the top floor accent band.  We installed welded corners to create a continuous panel profile, designed custom Snap-Lock vent hoods integrated in the panels and hidden vent openings integrated in the fascia.  Limited space would not allow for a conventional flush panel so we had MD Sheet Metal create and fabricate a low-profile flush panel for all of the soffits and Burgundy accent walls.